Immigrants and their families to choose how to adapt to their new home. Some families  embraced the current arrivals. Others celebrated their traditional cultural practices and in so doing, called into question decades of attempts to assimilate. 

What do you think?  What were the benefits of these approaches? What were the costs? How would you have done things differently had you been in their place?

Take this time to reflect on your story.  If you are a migrant, what approaches have you taken to adjust to a new place? If your family members were the ones who migrated, what stories have they told about how they responded to their new homes? How does their story reflect or differ from those presented here?


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Made possible with a grant from Kansas Humanities, this exhibit was developed by faculty and  students from the Wichita State University, especially the departments of Modern and Classical Languages and HIstory as well as the Department of Special Collections.  The team consisted of

  • Dr. Jay M. Price
  • Dr. Enrique Navarro
  • Valeria Adame
  • Carolina Loerza
  • Joshua Mackey
  • Brooke Talbott
  • Anita Mendoza - Consultant
  • Mike Marlett, WSU Media Resources

The team would like to thank all those who donated photographs, gave oral histories, and supported the project. Special thanks to Wichita State University's Department of Special Collections and the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum for research materials and photographs.

Special thanks goes to David Mendoza for the construction of the framing and for the Duplication Station at Wichita State for their printing.

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